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York Rite Invitational Allied Bodies

The following invitational bodies are open to members of the York Rite. The official name used for the local level of each body is given in parenthesis, as well as any alternative or colloquial name for the rite or body. If you thought Freemasonry was limited to Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, and York Rite, you'll be amazed to find that there are approximately 100 degrees couched in these allied bodies:

* Membership restricted to a specific number.
+ Membership restricted to Christian Royal Arch Masons.
++ Membership restricted to members of Knights Templar.

The Order of Knight Masons - The "Green" Degrees

Using an "Old Testament" theme, these degrees are similar to the 15°-17° of the Scottish Rite, and the Order of the Red Cross of the Commandery. They are based on the biblical story of Zerubbabel.

Allied Masonic Degrees

AMD controls ten regular degrees. The local Council decides which if any of them are worked (performed):

Under the European system of Allied Masonic Degrees, only five degrees are worked:

The equivalent to the Red Cross of Babylon in American Masonry would be the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross conferred by the Commandery, or the Knight of the Sword conferred by the Order of Knight Masons, all of which are essentially the same degree. The equivalent of the Grand High Priest would be the Anointed Order of High Priesthood (Order of Melchizedek) which is conferred, usually at the state level, upon Installed and Past High Priests of Royal Arch Chapters.

AMD also has administrative degrees:

The highest honor in the Allied Masonic Degrees is The Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri, a system which derives its symbolism and names from Irish knighthood. It consists of three degrees:

The following orders are also under control of the Allied Masonic Degrees:

L'Ordre de Chevalier Bienfaisant de la Cité Sainte

The Rite Ecossais Rectifie (Scottish Rectified Rite) is the oldest continuously extant chivalric Masonic Order in the world. In the United States it is known by the name of its pinnacle degree. It was originally an offshoot of Baron von Hund's Rite of Strict Observance. RER works the following system of degrees:

Please see our CBCS information page for more about Scottish Rectified Rite, CBCS, RER, Martinist Orders, and the logo of this and other similar bodies.

The Red Cross of Constantine

Officially called "The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist." The Orders of Holy Speulchre and St. John the Evangelist are called Appendant Orders.

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests

Historically, the Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests controlled 33 degrees, symbolic of the 33 years of Christ's earthly sojourn. However, only the degree of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest is worked today.

  1. Knight of the Christian Mark
  2. Knight of Saint Paul
  3. Knight of Patmos
  4. Knight of Death
  5. Knight of the Black Cross
  6. Knight of Bethany
  7. Knight of the White Cross
  8. Knight of Saint John
  9. Knight Priest of the Holy Sepulchre
  10. Holy Order of Wisdom
  11. Holy and Illustrious Order of the Cross
  12. Priest of Eleusis
  13. Knight of Harodim
  14. Knight of the North
  15. Knight of the South
  16. Knight of the Sanctuary
  17. Grand Cross of Saint Paul
  18. Knight of Saint John the Baptist
  19. Knight of Rosae Cross
  20. Knight of the Triple Cross
  21. Knight of the Holy Grave
  22. Knight of the Holy Virgin Mary
  23. Knight of the White Cross of Torphichen
  24. Grand Trinitarian Knight of Saint John
  25. Grand Cross of Saint John
  26. Knight Priest of Jerusalem
  27. Knight of Palestine
  28. Knight of the Holy Cross
  29. Knight Priest of the Tabernacle
  30. Knight of Redemption
  31. Knight of Truth
  32. Knight of Rome
  33. Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

York Rite Sovereign College

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